The Sonoma Diet

The Sonoma Diet has often been touted as the tastiest weight loss plan in the market today. This is because this Mediterranean diet inspired weight loss program focuses on what you can eat instead of focusing on what you can’t. The diet lets you lose weight while eating all the things that you like including food from all groups, desserts and wine. The program costs $ 4.99 a week and comes with a minimum five week commitment. The package includes a personalized daily meal planner, weight tracker, day by day diet plan, 500 recipes and access to a number of online tools and a registered dietician.


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How Does The Sonoma Diet Work?

The Sonoma Diet is separated into three phases or waves. The first wave involves limiting refined flours and sugars and continues for 10 days. The second wave focuses on portioning and enjoying what you eat while aiming for your weight loss goal and continues till you reach your desired weight. The third wave is final and lifelong and focuses on healthy living and eating throughout life to maintain optimum weight. Instead of measuring calories or portions, dieters ration their food using a 9” plate for lunch and dinner and a 7” plate for breakfast.

The Sonoma diet focuses on healthy food that includes a large amount of vegetables combined with plant proteins and lean meats. Some recommended foods include fruits and vegetables like grapes, strawberries, blueberries, broccoli, tomatoes, bell peppers and whole grains, almonds and olive oil.

The best thing about the Sonoma diet is that it promotes healthy eating and lifestyle instead of abstention. The diet is not drastic and is recommended by medical practitioners and nutritionists. Costing just $25 for five weeks, the program is also one of the cheapest diet plans available in the market today. The diet also offers an array of more than 500 recipes, so dieters have an immense variety to choose from. The Sonoma diet is available online and in book form, and is easily accessible.

The downside to the Sonoma diet is that it does not emphasize on exercise much. But this is and aspect that can always be focused on by individual dieters. It also requires you to buy and make healthy food, which involves a lot more work compared to pre-packaged food diets.

The Sonoma Diet is a healthy, positive diet that restricts only highly unhealthy foods, but since the emphasis is more on foods that you enjoy eating, it can easily be adhered to. It is a healthy, wholesome diet plan that can be very effective for people who are not extremely obese and who want to make a positive shift to healthier eating for life.

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