The eDiet Program

With more than 10 years of success, has become synonymous with online diet plans. The eDiets weight loss program draws on its success by providing customized diet plans that are especially created for each and every dieter’s individual needs and goals. The eDiets site has more than 20 diet plans that include popular diets like the Atkins Nutritional Approach, Bill Phillips, Glycemic Impact Diet, Total Body Makeover Fitness Plan, Mayo Clinic Plan, and the Mediterranean Diet. They also offer special diet plans for sufferers of hypoglycemia, Type 2 Diabetes, lactose intolerance and also have low-fat, high fiber, vegetarian, low cholesterol , healthy soy and low sodium weight loss programs

How Does eDiets Work?

When you join, you complete a Diet profile providing information about your age, height, weight, allergies, health problems, lifestyle, exercise and favorite foods. Based upon this profile, eDiet experts will suggest the best suited diet for you. Once your diet plan is decided, you will be mailed grocery lists, meal plans, recipes and weekly menus. Your fitness plan, which will deal with physical activity and exercises, will also be sent to you. At $4.49 per week, you get all this plus access to online nutritionists, online support, a virtual fitness trainer, chat forums and calculators.  

The best part about eDiets is that it takes out the guesswork and calculation from dieting. You do not even have to decide which diet to go on, what to buy, how to cook, or how much to eat. You also have the option of changing meals and ingredients from your diet plan that you do not like with other things, and the diet plan and exercise routine are all customized based upon your special needs and requirements. Recently, has launched its own diet meal delivery service called Deliciously Yours. Dieters get to chose from a vast variety of diet gourmet food that is cooked, portioned and delivered to your doorstep to get you through a week.

The eDiets team decides on your diet plan after knowing about your needs, requirements and health conditions, due to which you actually land up with the best diet program through eDiets. The plan is economical and focuses on a permanent lifestyle change that includes healthy eating and exercise. You also get access to a number of online resources that make sticking to the diet easier. For those who cannot take the trouble of preparing their meals, Deliciously Yours offers a healthy, nutrition and taste rich option.

Apart from the fact that the Deliciously Yours meals cost $99 for 5 days, which can be costly for some, there are actually no problems or disadvantages associated with following an eDiets weight loss program. If the cost of the program is an issue now, now you can Save 25% at eDiets!

eDiets is an online weight loss program that can help people fighting with a few pounds to those who are considering weight loss surgery. With customized meal plans, diets and workouts, 24x7 online access to nutritionists and affordable rates, the eDiets plan is definitely one of the best weight loss programs available online.


If eDiet is right for you, now you can Get one FREE week of meals with your first eDiets' meal delivery order

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