The Duke Diet

The Duke University Diet, which has been around since 1969 is definitely one of those tried and tested diets that people can swear by. Developed by medical professionals at the Duke University, the diet focuses on healthy weight loss through diet and lifestyle changes. The Duke Diet plan, which was available until recently only through the University’s North Carolina Fitness Center is now available through the Duke Diet Web Site.


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The Duke Diet plan via the website costs $5 per week with a minimum 13 week commitment.  Once you sign up for the Duke Diet, you get a diet plan that is custom designed for you by the Duke Diet experts. Duke Dieters receive meal plans, recipes, shopping and eating out guides, workout plans and access to a number of online weight loss tools and communities. Members also get access to the 5 Duke Diet Experts, who help you out with different aspects of the Duke Diet.

How Does The Duke Diet Work?

The Duke Diet features on not just healthy, low fat, low carb food, but instead, focuses on leading a healthy fat free life through a four pronged approach that features nutrition, fitness, medical guidance and behavioral health. Dieters are not just provided with meal plans and recipes, but also receive personalized exercise programs that feature exercise incorporating strength training, cardio and stretching. This combination of healthy food and exercise is drawn up to let dieters achieve their target weights in a healthy and wholesome manner. Further, members are encouraged to make the shift to a permanently healthy lifestyle through behavioral guidance while medical help and guidance is also provided to see you through the diet.

The major benefit that the Duke University Diet comes with is 40 years of success as a weight loss program. This is much more than what can be said about most fad diets in the market today. The weight loss program has been designed by doctors and is also endorsed by most medical professionals and nutritionists as a healthy weight loss diet. With its new online avatar, the Duke Diet has become accessible and is easily affordable.

There are some websites that have raised doubts about the authenticity of the online Duke Diet Website. Another con could be that it is a web based diet that requires you to do all the work, and may not be very well suited to busy professionals who might find prepackaged meals or meal replacement diets more convenient.

The Duke Diet is one of the healthiest weight loss program out in the market today. With 40 years of success backing it, the Duke Diet plan is no fluke and can be used as a way of shifting to a healthier lifestyle instead of being used simply as a weight loss method. The Duke Diet has helped thousands of people lose weight through its multi-pronged weight loss method and the results can be seen in the before and after pictures and the testimonials available on the website. It is perfect for those who want to diet healthy and stay healthy.

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