Jenny Craig

With increased awareness of the dangers of being overweight, people want to reduce weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. The program of Jenny Craig is aimed at changing the lives of individuals with an integrated approach that addresses food, body, and mind. The food plan teaches you to control the food that you eat and develop healthy eating habits without compromising on nutritious and delicious menu. The body program helps you in gradually increasing your physical activity, which is specifically customized to suit your present health condition, activity level, and lifestyle. The mind process provides a balanced approach to life by assisting you in staying motivated and maintaining mental and emotional balance.


Actual Working of Jenny Craig Healthy Lifestyle Program

Initially, you must register with Jenny Craig. She reviews your lifestyle and profile that includes your weight, height, and other body measurements, along with several other key factors of your current lifestyle. This helps her in identifying your present eating pattern, your activity level, and your goal of desired weight loss. Based on these facts, she customizes a program that is most effective for you.


Jenny Craig’s Menu for Better, Healthier Lifestyle

Jenny provides three customized cuisine and meals and one snack every day. The menu consists of high quality and delicious gourmet entrees and snacks, with lot of fresh vegetables and fruits. The entire menu is designed to furnish balance, moderation, and variety. Whole grains, heart-healthy fats, low fat dairy, fruits and vegetables are featured in the menu that gives a balanced and tasty diet. A typical menu for a day consists of banana nut cereal for breakfast, an all-American turkey burger for lunch, chicken fettuccine for dinner, and double chocolate cake for snack. Various types of food items recommended by Jenny are presented here with the amount of calories provided by each item. From this list, it is obvious that Jenny is recommending tasty and delicious food items without compromising on the amount of daily calorie intake. The total amount of calories is kept low to reduce weight, while ensuring that the nutrition value is maintained at optimum level. Details of the ingredients and preparation of each food item can be furnished on specific requests.


Breakfast Menu of Jenny Craig

The food items recommended by Jenny for breakfast are presented here with the amount of calories provided by each item given in brackets. Blueberry pancakes and veggie sausage (200), maple nut hot cereal (160), oatmeal breakfast square (190), breakfast scramble (200), banana nut muffin (220), frosted oats cereal (170), complete start cereal (190), sunshine sandwich (190), breakfast stuffed sandwich (200), honey oat bar (170), multi-grain hoops cereal (170), cranberry almond cereal (170), fruit and granola cereal (200), blueberry muffin (200), banana nut cereal (170), triple grain crisps cereal (150), and French toast (220).


Lunch Menu of Jenny Craig

The lunch menu of Jenny consists of BBQ beef Panini (240), creamy chicken and corn chowder (210), zesty Tortellini soup (220), classic chicken noodle soup (210), beef and barley stew (230), turkey club Panini (240), turkey cranberry salad kit (280), chicken salad kit (260), broccoli and cheese potato (210), rotini with meatballs (250), turkey burger (280), chicken stuffed sandwich (270), Swedish meatballs (250), meatball stuffed sandwich (260), southwestern chicken with rice (250), personal pizza (260), beef chow mein (220), southwestern chicken burrito (260), pesto pizza (290), chicken sandwich (250), cheesy enchilada (260), and tuna salad kit (270).


Dinner Menu of Jenny Craig

The dinner menu of Jenny comprises of beef chili with beans (270), Szechwan pork (270), spaghetti with meatballs ((270), BBQ chicken pizza (280), cookout chicken and beans (290), chicken carbonara (270), meatloaf with BBQ sauce (300), cashew chicken (290), cheese ravioli (280), traditional lasagna (250), chicken pasta parmesan (200), sweet and sour chicken (200), chicken fettuccine (260),  vegetable and chicken potstickers (290), Salisbury steak (260), macaroni and cheese (250), pasta Fagioli (210), turkey chili (260), turkey with gravy (270), chicken fajitas (290), fish and chips (250), lentils with beef (240), penne pasta (280), mashed potatoes with beef (190), rising crust pizza (280), and Teriyaki glazed salmon (290).


Desserts and Snacks of Jenny Craig

Desserts and snacks proposed by Jenny are lemon mousse bar (130), chocolate chip trail mix bar (120), yogurt dream bar (130), honey mustard pretzels (120), soft chocolate chip cookie (120), toffee cookies (120), white cheddar popcorn (130), vegetable minestrone soupitizer (50), cinnamon twists (120), tomato Florentine soupitizer (50), S’mores bar (130), triple chocolate cheesecake (150), cookies ‘n cream cheesecake (150), chocolate caramel peanut bar (150), Bruschetta veggie chips (100), chocolate chip snack bar (140), double chocolate cake (170), cheese curls (130), lemon cake (170), chocolate walnut brownie (160), peanut butter bar (150), lemon cake (170), chocolate walnut brownie (160), and peanut butter bar (150).


Active Lifestyle Guide by Jenny Craig

Jenny had developed a special program to change the current activity lifestyle of every individual and make the new activity an interesting and joyous experience instead of a drudgery of routine and boring exercises. Her three-pronged activity program consists of natural activities, playful activities, and planned activities. Natural activities include daily mundane actions taken by us such as dishwashing, clothes cleaning, shopping, etc. Playful activities consist of cycling, dancing, playing with the kids, and other similar fun activities with family members and friends. Planned activities comprise of stretching exercises, resistance workouts, cardio workouts, walking, yoga poses, and other carefully designed exercises that are customized to suit each individual, depending on the current physical condition.

Apart from food and activities planning, Jenny and her group of consultants constantly monitor and guide their members to remain focused in the achievement of the goals set to reduce weight and lead a healthy life. They motivate the members to eat proper food and remain active throughout the day. They identify the mental blocks and stress levels in the members and remove them by the right guidance. The entire program is a comprehensive one that takes the members to higher levels of healthy lifestyle step by step gradually over a period, without putting any strain on the body or mind.

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