Fullbar Weight Loss Program

The Fullbar weight loss program is based on the principle that people tend to eat less when they feel full and consume more when hunger is dominant. According to the Fullbar program, it is not necessary to stop eating the food items that are loved by a person. At the same, the program ensures that the stomach is partly filled up before eating and the brain is induced to feel full with lesser amount of actual food. To achieve this simple and fundamental principle of eating less and feeling full as an effective method to lose weight, Fullbar has developed diet bars, diet snacks, Aquafull diet drinks, and truffulls chocolate. The creation of food items have been inspired by the weight loss surgery principle.

Dr. Michael Snyder, a weight loss surgeon of repute has come out with the Full products that include Fullbars and Fullbites, developed out of his surgical experience in the field of weight loss. The Full products are delicious and natural. These products should be taken about 30 minutes before the major meals of the day, the lunch and the dinner, with Aquafull or 8 ounces of water. The intake of these Fullbar products partially fill up the stomach and reduce the consumption quantity of meals.


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Fullbar Befullcombos

The first solution offered by Fullbar is Befullcombos. These Fullbites diet snacks are supplied in 3 flavors of bold cheddar, savory BBQ, and sour cream and onion. The delectable Fullbites are designed to be consumed 30 minutes before the regular meal to provide the feeling of having eaten a full meal with lesser amount of food during the mealtime. This is a simple weight loss program that does not involve calorie counting, surgery, or exercises that are difficult to follow. The Befullcombos solution for 3 months is supplied at $176.99 at about $1.23 per item, instead of the original cost of $221.00. One can also opt for a 6 weeks program for $134.99 or a sampler program at $39.99.


Fullbar Diet Bars

The Fullbar natural diet bars for weight loss are prepared from natural ingredients. The diet bars are supplied in six flavors of cranberry almond, cocoa chip, lemon lime, caramel apple crisp, and crunch berry bliss. The diet bars have been formulated in a special manner to provide light, fresh, and satisfying feeling. By using the Fullbar diet bars, one need not count the intake of calories or adopt a severe exercise regimen. One can eat all the loved food items but the diet bars ensure that the quantity of intake is automatically reduced, thus controlling the calories in a natural manner, without side effects. The program is designed for 3 months, with 144 Fullbar diet bars, with the option of flavor selection. The Fullbar diet bars for 3 months cost $310 but a special offer of $176.99 is provided at present by the company. The cost of each bar works out to about $1.23. The diet bars can also be ordered for one month at $89.99 or as a 2-week trial order for $49.99.

Fullbar Fullbites

The Fullbites diet snacks function in the same fashion as the diet bars and are meant to be consumed 30 minutes before each major meal. They are supplied in the flavors of sour cream and onion, tangy cheddar, and savory BBQ. The 3 month Fullbites diet snacks are supplied at the cost of 2 months supply at $176.99, instead of $310, with each bag costing around $1.23. Fullbar also provides the buyers with choice of one month buying at $89.99 or a 2-week trial purchase at $49.99.


Fullbar Truffulls

Fullbar truffulls chocolates are designed as weight loss diet treats. These delicious chocolate diet treats can be consumed whenever a person gets the craving for eating, without worrying about calorie accumulation. These truffulls chocolates are also supplied as 144 truffulls for 3 months at $176.99, instead of the standard price of $310. The one month purchase at $89.99 and 2-week trial offer purchase at $49.99 are provided for Fullbar truffulls chocolates also.

The complete Fullbar program of BeFull Solution is achieved by combining the Fullbar Befullcombos, Fullbites, truffulls chocolates, and Aquafull, according to the directions provided by the company or by Dr. Snyder himself on a personal basis. The company also offers the facility of returning the purchased items within 30 days for full refund, if complete satisfaction is not perceived by the buyer.


Actual Working of the BeFull Solution

The BeFull solution works on the principle of making a person feel partially full at the time of meals, so that the quantity of meals intake is reduced. Any of the Fullbar products can be taken with 8 ounces of water at about 30 minutes before the meals time. Even if the meal contains your most favorite food item, take only that much quantity that provides you of having eaten a full meals. Due to the presence of the Fullbar products and the water already in your stomach, you will never be able to stuff yourself with your favorite food to the full. The quantity of intake is reduced in a natural manner. The mental satisfaction of having eaten a full meal diverts the mind away from the craving for the loved food item. Slowly the individual develops a physical and mental rhythm that completely reshapes the perception of indulging in over-eating of favorite food items.


Special Features of Fullbar BeFull Products

Persons with diabetes can safely consume Fullbar products, except Aquafull due to the glycemic impact of these products. The content of Fullbar products is equivalent to a medium size apple. Still, it is advisable to consult the personal physician as to the exact impact of Fullbar products on the diabetes level of the individual due to the intake of these products.

The entire range of Fullbar products are very good alternative food items for children, compared to several other regular food items that they relish and these products are quite safe for consumption by children. Pregnant women are also able to take Fullbar products without any problems but it is advisable to follow the dietary guidelines by the personal physician during the pregnancy period.

Fullbar is not a product free of gluten, since one main ingredient is puffed wheat. However, Fullbites and Aquafull are free of gluten. Fullbar and Fullbites products are completely natural products, while Aquafull is flavored in a natural manner. The ingredients are carefully selected so that quality is maintained and the products integrate smoothly with the normal diet.

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