Dr Siegal's Cookie Diet

The enhanced health awareness among the public in the countries all over the globe and the higher incidence of obesity among humans of all ages, including children, as we all as adult men and women, has led to the evolution of several special diet programs by reputed physicians and dieticians. One such famous diet program is the COOKIE DIET by Dr. Siegal. Dr. Sanford Siegal is a renowned physician in the United States, having his own private bakery in Miami, Florida. He created this diet program in 1975. He has also authored books on dieting and weight loss practices.

The dieting program of Dr. Siegal is based on the principle that each person should consume lesser calories than the actual body need of the individual to maintain proper weight. Talking about this is quite easy and very difficult to practice. Nobody can resist eating when hunger strikes. The name COOKIE DIET by Dr. Siegal is likely to mean that it is a new diet fad that includes specially made cookies. On the other hand, the products suggested and prepared by Dr. Siegal in his COOKIE DIET are a mixture of proprietary amino acids produced by the blending of various types of protein food substances.

The diet program helps the individual to satisfy the hunger pangs without any medication. At the same time, the program helps the aspirant to stick to the diet containing reduced calories, without side effects. The COOKIE DIET protein formula mixture is personally hand-prepared every time by Dr. Siegal in his Miami bakery. The various products by Dr. Siegal for weight control and weight loss are presented hereunder for ready reference


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Hunger-Controlling Diet Cookies

The first batch of hunger-controlling diet cookies was created in 1975 by Dr. Siegal. The program consists of a weekly box having 7 daily bags. Each daily bag contains 6 cookies. The program is aimed at replacing 14 meals in a week at an average cost of around $4.28 for every replaced meal. The program further includes 1-week free sample of premium minerals & multiple vitamins supplement. The cookies are available in flavors of Chocolate, Oatmeal, Raisin, Banana, Blueberry, and Coconut. The cookies are made from milk, soy, wheat, eggs, and non-vegetable protein. The weekly box is priced at $59.95.


Hunger-Controlling Diet Shake Mixes

The hunger-controlling diet shake mixes of Dr. Siegal provide a refreshing and cool alternative to his cookies program. These shake mixes also contain the same blend of amino acid protein and control hunger. The shake mixes can be prepared at home with a blender, water, and ice in 60 seconds. The weekly box of shake mixes comprise of 21 shake mix pouches. The shake mixes are supplied in flavors of chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, brulee, pina colada, and crème and include the 1-week free sample of premium minerals & multiple vitamins supplement. The shake mixes weekly box also costs the same amount of $59.95, amounting to about $2.80 for each shake. The shake mixes are prepared from milk, soy, non-vegetable protein, and eggs. One shake is the equivalent of two cookies and it is gluten-free.


Premium Minerals and Multiple Vitamins Nutritional Supplements

When the diet program of cookies or shake mixes is implemented, the calorie intake is reduced. Hence, Dr. Siegal has produced a special formulation of premium multiple vitamins and minerals to augment the nutrient content of the diet program and avoid any possible side effects, such as general weakness, dizziness, tiredness, etc. These nutrient supplements are designed to provide the extra energy while adopting the special diet program of Dr. Siegal. A bottle of 30 coated tablets of these nutrient supplements is priced at $12.

Apart from the above special diet menus, Dr. Siegal also supplies VITAZEST brand of green tea with lemon and honey. The green tea is meant only as a refreshment and not intended for controlling hunger. The green is free of calories, carbs, or sugar. Each case of green tea contains 24 bottles of 20 ounces each and costs $42. At present, green tea is available within the United States only and delivered free, while the other products are shipped worldwide free of cost.


Additional Suggestions by Dr. Siegal

Along with the diet programs, Dr. Siegal has also developed a suite of web-based free calorie calculators to set and achieve the goals of specific body weights. The cookies and shake mixes are designed to be consumed during the day, followed by a reasonable dinner during the night. The normal suggested calorie intake for a day by Dr. Siegal is about 1,000 calories. However, he specifically advises each individual to consult the personal physician to decide the exact of amount of calorie intake required for a healthy life. The calorie intake suggested by the personal physician is likely to be lower or higher than the standard 1,000 calories, depending on the individual medical history. According to Dr. Siegal, daily calorie consumption between 1,000 and 1,200 definitely results in weight loss.


3-Step Weight Loss Program of Dr. Siegal

The 3-step program developed by Dr. Siegal for weight loss starts with a simple self test at home to decide how many calories are needed to maintain present weight. Once this is known, it is quite easy to set a goal for weight loss for 28 days and then enter the test results into the calorie burn rate calculator and estimate the amount of calories to maintain the weight. This is followed by the use of the calculators of fixed calories and weight-by date of Dr. Siegal. One calculator provides an estimate of the time taken to achieve the desired weight loss if the calories consumed per day are kept fixed. The other calculator allows the individual to achieve the weight loss within a specific period by adjusting the calorie intake per day. The decision about daily calorie intake must be done by consulting the personal physician so that the program does not affect the present health conditions adversely. The final step is to obtain exact instructions from Dr. Siegal to implement the weight loss program through his COOKIE DIET plan.

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Said this on 9-25-2012 At 12:32 am

Hmmmm... these cookies and milk shakes are "special" then right? I'm guessing expensive. But if it works, why not. After reading a review of a non-diet program called The Gabriel Method I'm willing to try anything.

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