Dietary Weight Loss Supplements

Certain weight loss supplements definitely reduce fat and result in lower body weight, if they contain the correct ingredients in required amounts and taken in appropriate doses. Some advanced dieting techniques are capable of stripping the body fat very quickly and effectively. However, the sad fact is that majority of the so-called ‘weight loss supplements’ sold in the market are just hype and do not work at all or work on a very short-term basis but are unfit for long-term use. Whenever you visit any health food store or browse for weight loss supplements on the Internet, you would find thousands of weight loss supplements that claim to produce remarkable results. Unfortunately, they never provide complete details of the ingredients and the quantities in which they had been used in the prescription. Further, they never mention the possible side effects of such items and related safety concerns. As such, many of them do more harm than bringing in positive results. Still, there are several genuine weight loss supplements that actually work and result in lowering the fat content in the body. As a special offer, you can get Great Prices on Weight Management Items at Vitamin World! Shop Now >


Most Popular and Proven Weight Loss Supplements

For the benefit of the readers, a list of the most popular weight loss supplements that had been scientifically proven to produce results is listed here.


Natural Weight Loss Supplements

Chemical Weight Loss Supplements


How do Weight Loss Supplements Work?

The weight loss supplements work in several fronts in the body to reduce the weight. Even though the accumulation of fat is the most common reason for obesity or overweight, other factors also increase body weight. Hence, any prescription or regimen for weight loss should focus on all the factors involved in the process of losing the weight. Certain diuretics drastically help in losing excess body water but that is not an ideal solution due to the side effects of such medications.

Very few people know that certain hormones in the brain control the level of hunger felt by us. These hormones should be balanced properly to induce hunger at the right time. The ingredients used as weight loss supplements should target these hormones and suppress the hunger level and the desire to eat due to stress or boredom. They should also induce the hormones to provide a feeling of satiation after normal meals.

Further, the insulin secretion should be increased to delivery the required amount of energy to the muscles, without increasing the body fat content. Moreover, the ingredients used in prescriptions should also burn accumulated fat continuously and reduce it gradually, while slowly increasing the body metabolism. Drastic reduction of excess body fat by certain medications tends to produce much more harmful results, even though they appear to provide fast relief.


Advantages of Weight Loss Supplements

  • The right type of weight loss supplements use the body fat itself as fuel and burn it at a faster rate.
  • The correct ratio of weight loss supplements control the body and brain hormones to suppress the desire for overeating.
  • When the proper weight loss supplements are used, an individual could actually eat more food and increase the calorie intake without accumulating extra body fat.
  • The weight loss supplements that either contain the necessary amounts of protein, carbohydrates, and fats or taken along with food that is balanced with these items lead to leaner, fat-free body.
  • Starving is not the correct solution for weight loss and only the right kind of ingredients would be able to burn body fat and reduce overweight without side effects.
  • The best weight loss supplements remove excess water from the body without leading to dehydration.


Disadvantages of Weight Loss Supplements

  • Majority of the so-called ‘proven’ ingredients that are touted as weight loss supplements either have no clinical or medical backing or are included in insufficient quantities to be effective.
  • Some of the ingredients in highly advertised weight loss medications are actually more harmful than beneficial due to their excessive action.
  • Weight loss supplements alone are not the complete answer to reduce weight and body fat. They should be mixed with balanced diet and proper exercising to achieve long-term results.
  • Apart from taking the right diet, one should also know the food items that should be avoided, since seemingly harmless substances could actually lead to obesity. The weight loss supplements would not be able to control or reduce weight if these substances continue to be part of the eating habits.
  • Another disadvantages of weight loss supplements are the costs. But loveMyGym user can get Great Prices on Weight Management Items at Vitamin World! Shop Now >


As such, it is advisable not to be led astray by high-pitch ads using words such as ‘magic’, ‘proven’, ‘patented’, ‘miracle’, ‘doctor recommended’, etc. Most of the time, such products are a big hoax and cause only harm to the body. Similarly, the products that do not reveal the ingredients or their quantities also should be avoided, since their unknown content could result in disastrous side-effects. Further, the human psychology and body exercises also play a major part in weight loss or fat removal in a natural manner. Hence, the best types of weight loss supplements in right proportions, balanced diet that is rich in fiber and protein content but low in carbohydrates and fat, mental strength, and proper exercises should be judiciously mixed to achieve weight loss in a steady and gradual manner over a period and maintain the reduced weight at the same level. Otherwise, the body would regain the lost weight in a very short time and other harmful side effects would also follow. It is better to consult a qualified dietitian about all the above factors before starting on a weight loss program.

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