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Statistics clearly show that obesity has been steadily increasing all over the world due to the changed lifestyles and food habits. In particular, the number of over-weight people in the United States had raised serious concerns among the medical community and the governmental health and welfare agencies. Several weight loss programs had emerged to solve this obesity problem that leads to various other health conditions such as strokes, heart attacks, high blood pressures, increased sugar and cholesterol levels, etc. Denise Austin stands out among them as a pioneer in the weight loss exercise industry. She had participated in the longest running fitness television show. She had written more than 10 books on exercise and fitness and sold more than 20 million DVDs and videos on exercise. Her weight loss advice includes a combination of exercise tips, healthy recipes, motivating advice, workout DVDs, and books. The major salient points of the fitness program of Denise are presented here.

The online diet and fitness program of Denise had been specially designed to guide people in improving their body, mind, and spirit simultaneously through simple but smart choices. When you sign up for the program, you receive custom-made meal and fitness plans. These plans vary from one individual to another so that the personal goal of each person can be successfully met. Further, you would also have access to about 15 exclusive online tools that assist you in monitoring your progress in the fitness program.


Online Diet Program: Let America's favorite fitness guru help you with recipes, tips, more.


Eating Right Plan of Denise Austin

The modern busy life of people had resulted in people eating food items that are neither nutritious nor enjoyable. Fast food, junk food, canned food, etc. had become the norm. It had been proved that such food items only lead to extra fat, overweight, higher cholesterol levels, and several other complications. Denise advises the members on how delicious and nutritious recipes can be prepared easily. Her unique meal plans provide the exact amount of calories required for each person to lose weight. She assists people in choosing the right type of food items that suit the body of each individual. She also guides in shopping and obtaining healthy ingredients. When you follow her meal plan, you are able to eat all your favorite food items but continue to lose weight safely and in short time.


Getting Fit Program of Denise Austin

With her experience as an instructor in fitness exercise for individuals and sportspersons, she teaches you the methods of customizing your daily exercise regimen. When she recommends the exercise routine that you should follow, she takes into account your current fitness level, while specifically targeting the fat zones. The daily fitness exercise routine of Denise includes 12 exercises aimed at increasing strength and toning up the body, apart from stretching moves, and certain yoga poses. She also guides you with exclusive focus sets that can be termed as bonus exercise groups that are added to the weekly routine. These groups of exercises are custom-designed to work out the exact trouble spots of each person. These exercises address specific areas such as upper body, lower body, midsection, etc. Special attention is given to cardio exercises that reduce fat and maintain a healthy heart.


Feeling Great Emotional Motivation of Denise Austin

Denise stress the importance of boosting the confidence levels, keeping you motivated, and enjoying the life without undesirable stresses and strains. She cheers up her members with daily messages that motivate them, help them to relax in a natural manner, teach them to spend more time for themselves and those close to them, and induce them to adopt healthier habits of a new lifestyle. Her personal messages are complemented by message boards, where you can chat with other similar members and get inspired by their success.


Special Denise Austin Programs for Staying Strong

Denise had customized her fitness programs to suit all individuals with various types of physical conditions. She had developed separate programs for pregnant women, women in perimenopause and women had crossed the menopause period. Further, separate programs for the entire family and for people in their 20s and 30s, along with fitness routines for those in their 40s and 50s had been designed by her. She had not even ignored those in the 60s and above, for whom the bone strength and aging problems are exclusive. Her stay strong section addresses people of all ages and any type of physical condition. She provides special checklists for routine health screening, which are different for men and for women. This program also includes tips for improving the health of the heart and preventive methods to maintain optimal health, irrespective of our age.


Healthy Eating Plan of Denise Austin to Reduce Weight

Denise had devised a unique healthy eating program that allows people to shed up to 12 pounds in 2 weeks. Her eating plan is quite simple. Eat right quantities of food at regular intervals to allow the body enough time to burn the acquired calories, instead of accumulating them and becoming fat. Denise believes that it is not at all necessary to skip meals or starve to reduce weight. She had developed a special Daily Dozen Eating Plan, which contains 12 food categories that can be eaten every day and obtain balanced, varied, wholesome, energizing, and nutritious food intake. Her major food categories are listed below.

  • 3 Vegetables
  • 3 Fruits
  • 3 Protein-rich food items
  • 2 Healthy grains
  • 1 Healthy fat

She advises her members to eat these 12 food items every day for the first few weeks. The individual items can vary but the categories and the numbers must be maintained. Even when eating out, you should adhere to the plan as closely as possible. She provides specific recipes for each day of the week and separate food items for breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner.  A typical food plan for a day provides about 1,250 calories, 75 gms of protein, 15-160 gms of carbohydrates, 25 gms of fiber, 35 gms of fat with 8 gms of saturated fat, and 1,100-1,700 mg of sodium. Detailed daily food items can be obtained on specific request to lose weight in a natural manner, without compromising on tasty, delicious, and wholesome food.

Online Diet Program: Let America's favorite fitness guru help you with recipes, tips, more.

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