Advanced Workout Principle: Drop Sets

After giving tri-sets a turn in your workout program, when you feel as though it's once again time to move on, then you need to seek out a new training technique to add. It's important that you do keep rotating between all the methods you're going to learn so that your body never adapts. Adaptation is the evil you want to avoid because it's when the body gets comfortable with what it's doing that it no longer sees any reason to change and that's when your progress comes to a halt.

The next way to switch it up is with drop sets, which are going to have you fully fatiguing the muscles within a single set.


What Drop Sets Are

What a drop set is is where you perform one set of your exercise using your standard weight for the regular number of reps.  Then once you're fatigued, you immediately drop the weight down five to ten pounds and crank out another set.  After that set is finished, drop the weight one more time and aim for another five to eight reps, or however many you can handle using correct form.

In most cases you'll only be able to get through three rounds of drop sets while maintaining proper form and in some cases, it may only be two.  As long as you're pushing yourself hard though, that's the main thing to concern yourself with.


The Best Exercises To Perform Drop Sets With

When choosing the exercises that you'll do drop sets with, you're typically better off doing them with isolation movements such as bicep curls, lateral raises, tricep kickbacks, or leg extensions.  You can do them with compound lifts such as bench press or squats, but if you are going to attempt to do this, be absolutely sure that you do have a spotter watching over you.

Because these are a very intense type of exercise to perform, you are at a much greater risk of faltering on that last rep and if you do, you could end up dropping the weight on top of yourself.

Additionally, since compound exercises tend to be the main 'strength builders' in the workout, usually keeping them to straight sets is more beneficial since you can lift the max weight that way.


How To Incorporate Drop Sets Into Your Program

So if drop sets are a technique you'd like to include in your program and you are going to do them as an isolated exercise, you'll want to place them towards the very end when you're really looking to finish off that muscle group.

For instance after doing three sets of squats followed by lunges, doing one drop set (consisting of 3 sets total) of leg extensions would surely fully fatigue the quad muscle and after that it'd be time to hit the showers and go home.

This is a terrific technique to use to push every last drop of energy out of the muscles and get them sitting up and responding again.

So keep this exercise variation in mind as well. Some people notice significant gains in strength and size using these and when done correctly they can be a very powerful addition to your training program.