10 Dieting Tips To Build Muscle Mass

If your looking for weight gain by building muscle mass then these simple 10 tips will help you build muscle and achieve your goals.


Top 10 Tips to Gain Weight and Increase Muscle Mass

Tip 1. Protein is your foundation. The muscle building rule of thumb is to consume at least one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight per day.

Tip 2. Complement your protein with carbs. When you eat plenty of carbs, your body’s energy tanks will be full and you’ll be less likely to dip into proteins, which can deplete muscle tissue and stop you from building muscle mass. Carbs also increase the natural release of insulin, a hormone known as one of the body’s most potent anabolic or muscle building hormone. Be careful with starchy carbs like potatoes, rice, pasta and breads. Limit yourself to 3-5 total starch servings per day.

Tip 3. Calories are good. If you’re working out and not building muscle mass mass or seeing any weight gain, you probably are cheating yourself on calories. If so, increase your carb intake to re-establish that imbalance.

Tip 4. Be fat-friendly to friendly fats. Fats can enhance the body’s ability to take up glucose, the basic unit of carbohydrates, and store it as muscle glycogen. For big muscle building gains, consume salmon, mackerel or sardines three times a week. Your moderate fat diet should also include red meat and egg yolks – one whole egg for every 3-4 egg whites – and regularly sprinkling nuts and seeds into your salads or rice.

Tip 5. Variety in your diet is vital. Eat three different fruits and vegetables a day.

Tip 6. Before your workout. – Go slow. Take in slow-burning or low-glycemic carbs, the kinds of carbs that break down slowly into glucose. Oatmeal, beans mixed with rice, yogurt, buckwheat noodles, cherries and pears will keep your blood sugars more stable. This will increase your ability to train harder for a longer period of time, which is essential for building muscle and increasing mass, and also helps prevent energy crashes.

Tip 7.
Immediately after your workout eat some fast-digesting carbs to satisfy your body’s immediate energy needs. Great sources include raisins, mashed potatoes, whole grains, bananas and carb drinks. Whey protein powder drinks are also a good post-workout snack. Their fast-dissolving amino acids aid in recuperation and helps to build muscle mass.

Tip 8.
Eat often – Eat small. Six to seven small meals a day help prevent energy crashes, eliminate that bloated feeling from gorging at the dinner table and prevent the build of body fat from seesawing blood sugar levels. Multiple meals provide a nonstop source of amino acids from protein and of glucose from carbs. Amino acids help repair muscle tissue and glucose keeps insulin levels elevated, which prevents muscle breakdown.

Tip 9. Supplements. Use supplements like vitamins C and E. Vitamin C has been shown to significantly decrease cortisol, a muscle-wasting stress hormone that increases with hardcore training. Vitamin E has been suggested to combat muscle fiber injury. Many experts believe that it also reduces free radical production as well.

Tip 10. Put creatine and glutamine to work for you. Creatine increases power, delays fatigue and increases protein synthesis in the body. Glutamine supports the immune system. It also supports the formation on muscle glycogen and controls the formation of muscle-wasting cortisol. Take 5 grams of creatine and 5-10 grams of glutamine immediately after training, alone with a high-carb meal, which will spike your insulin levels, facilitating the storage and use of creatine and glutamine.


Now that you've gotten your dietary need taken care of how about taking it to the level with some muscle building workout routines from your essential workouts.